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Keep Your Harley Motorcycle From Being Stolen During Your Biking Touring

In fact, Harley motorcycle riders will meet people who are helpful, friendly and willing to meet you on their motorcycle touring. It is safe for motorcycle riders to go everywhere. However, there are some people who like to take advantage of others in the world. It is awful and distressed to have something lost, especially the motorcycles when bikers are long way from home. If you are riding with your biker woman or a partner, things may be better. So, it is essential for motorcycle riders to keep their motorcycles and gear from being stolen while touring on bikes. Here are tips for bikers who plan to have a motorcycle touring alone or have a motorcycle tour dating with his biker woman to take into consideration.

1. Always lock bike when you leave it. An unlocked bike is a total lure for some bad guys. So, bikers don’t leave your bikes with the keys in the ignition and walk away. If you are going to be out of sight of your motorcycle, lock it up or leave your biker girl to watch it for you.

2. Bring a good quality lock. A good quality disk lock or a chain lock or a cable lock can be a good choice to lock your bike. Although those locks will be defeated by professional thieves, they will at least deter amateur thieves, which can buy you some time to reaction. Or you can visit some of the best biker dating sites to get information on what kind of locks are best for preventing from being stolen. However, have your bike locked doesn’t mean it is safe completely. Motorcycle riders should always pay attention to your bike.

3. Don’t leave valuable things on the bike. Some bikers will leave things like GPS units, mobile phones or helmets on their handlebars and go into a cafe for an hour. Then it is possible for them to find that their stuff is gone. So, if you are dating a biker girl, take her with you. She can be the one to watch your stuff when you need to leave your bike. If you are riding alone, take those valuable things with you.

4. Park your bike at a right place. Motorcycle riders have to park their bikes in a well lit area or near the front desk where can be seen by other people. Just don’t park them in a dark corner which is a proper place for a thief to take your bike easily. If you plan to have a motorcycle camping, park your bike near your tent as much as possible.

5. Don’t be a hero. If you are sleeping in a motel and hear someone is stealing your bike, don’t just run out in your underwear into the parking lot and trying to stop him. It is dark and nobody is there to support you. You don’t know if he has weapons or not. So, motorcycle riders should immediately call 911 or the front desk for help.


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