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Safety Tips for Riding Through the Mountains

Riding a Harley motorcycle through mountains can be a fun adventure for Harley riders to take. If you are an experienced Harley rider and you are dating a Harley woman who also has years of riding experience, then mountain ride can definitely enhance your romantic relationship and improve your mutual understanding.

Since you and your biker lady are veteran riders, then both of you know riding a motorcycle is one of the most fun things to do, but also one of the most dangerous. The time when you hop on two wheels, you know what you are doing. For motorcycle riders, how to stay safe is the most important thing in their lives. So, if you and your biker lady decide to have a ride date through mountains, check the tips or lessons below that will help you deal with things involving safety.

1. Wear a helmet
It has been talked about for many times that wearing a helmet is crucial for bikers. When there is falling, helmet is the only thing that can protect your head from the solid crack against concrete. If possible, buy a high quality full-faced helmet for you and your biker partner. Hope you will never need it. But when you do, you will be thankful for wearing it.

2. Wear gloves
Gloves may sound innocuous. But think about it that every time you fall down, what’s the first thing you do? You will put your hands out to support your body, which is human instinct. So, in order to pretend scratches when falling down, prepare a proper set of leather gauntlets for you and your biker girl.

3. Never use the front brake first
When it’s time to hit the brakes and shed the speed, do remember not to hit the front brakes first. This is needed to be trained as your instincts to go for the rear brakes first. If you don’t want to be threw away by the motorcycle, then do not hit the front brakes when you want to stop.

4. Watch out for sand and debris
It can be very awful for bikers to ride over sand and gravel. But there are those things on the mountains. So you need to always watch out for sand and gravel to avoid riding over it. And if you have to go over a patch of sand, remember to keep it slow and smooth. And try to keep your bike as upright as possible.

5. Don’t drink
Experienced riders know that motorcycling requires quick decisions and precise reaction. But alcohol will slow bikers’ reaction and give them a false sense of confidence, which will make riders to make mistakes on the open road. So, to keep you and your biker girl safe, do not drink before riding out.


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