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Take a long ride and just sit and talk having some dinner in another state. To make your first biker date perfect, you can plan a nice ride in the country and then stopping for a nice dinner and ice cream. Then you two can stop your bikes near the bar and go outside for a brisk walk...more>>
--by canhang357 (53M/Clarksville, TN)

My ideal date would be to meet for breakfast preferably somewhere we can sit out after a long or short riding together. This may help us find some interests and topics in common. For two rider lover, the dinner after a wonderful ride can help both enhance understanding...more>>

--by GypsySoul1969 (44W/Langhorne, PA)

My ideally a first riding date should starts by a meeting at a local riding event , and ending up with a candlelit dinner. For bikers, a glass of beer can help us relax and show each other what you really are. Do not drink too much since you need to drive back after the first dating ..more>>

--by JahxFL (35M/Lehigh Acres, FL)

Invite your girl or guy to ride at the weekend after several email exchanges on the biker dating site. Previously, there must be a phone call to confirm the true identity of the other side. Then, select a sunshine, blue sky, soft breeze, 25 degrees, Great Ocean Road, fish n chips...more>>

--by vstar61 (52W/Melbourne, Victoria)

My ideal first date would be to meet up at a local coffee shop, talk for a while, and then ride as a passenger around the street in the city. Riding as a passenger is the great way to test if a man care more about you when he drive on the road and turn right or left. If he forget to remind you when ..more>>
--by magic_hat (43W/Lafayette, CO)

Riding for a camping is a nice relaxing time enjoying the outdoors & getting to know each other, but this does not means you get along with the online partner. Both of you should invite one or two friends to ride with your for a long motorcycle travel together. Just treat it as a chance to understand ...more>>
--by cmdawson (48W/Dayton, TX)
Let's ride to some where, get great food and laugh....laughter on my bike is what keeps me happy, so you should make sure your online match must be a person with a sense of humor, or your first riding date will be dry academic. This requests you double-check profile description before the first invite...more>>
--by mariapistoles61 (52W/Beaverton, OR)


I'd like to meet up, talk for awhile and then go for a nice ride through the mountain near the city we both live in. Riding to a hill near your town can show someone's riding skill and experiences especially when you both ride on the rough road. If you are not a motorcycle enthusiast, do not do this...more>>

--by NCarolinaGypsy (46W/Leicester, NC)

I don't want to call it a first biker date. I just want to take a ride on fun roads and share my riding experiences with the one I invite for the first event ride. We both must show real riding hobbies to each other. Before starting a match dating, we must make sure we have the same riding style on the road...more>>
--by Motorcycle_Jack (56M/Newark, OH)


Something outdoors :) I'm up for the zoo a long walk by the river a long bike riding. As a rider, you must make sure your partner love your riding lifestyle and love the road you are used to ride with friends. Some people love to ride on the street in the city, but others love riding on dirt road in the suburbs...more>>

--by Tattoodcowgirl (24W/Byhalia, MS)


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