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Choose A Great Campsite for Your Motorcycle Traveling Date

Having a motorcycle trip date with your biker girl is the most romantic and simplest way to enhance the relationship between you and your date. And a perfect campsite is the key to guarantee a comfortable camping night after a long distance motorcycle trip. Without adequate preparation, your date will end up with a less romantic or even a bad camping night.

Although you can get a basic idea of a campground online with some obscure information and some images. But some well-aimed questions towards someone at the camp office yo get yourself an acceptable one.

1. Privacy - Are there any sites that offer more privacy than others? Well, privacy can be offered by camp camaraderie, but there are also bikers near you are night owls who will make it difficult for you and your biker babe to get to sleep in the wild. And you should notice that if the campgrounds you choose offer group sites, which tend to be much noisy if it happens to be occupied by a group of single motorcycle riders.

2. Emergency assistance - Are there any campground managers or hosts at the camp sites? The park manager or officers are usually not present at night. Hosts are often volunteers who are staying at the campgrounds, offering useful information and emergency aid 24/7 to Harley riders. If there are hosts at the camp sites, be sure to stay close to the tent of them. If your campsite doesn’t have host, then you should be well-prepared for the emergency.

3. Restroom - How close is the shower house and the restroom to your site? Near the shower house and the restroom can give single motorcycle riders more convenience. But it is suggested to be reasonably close for the uncomfortable smell for the primitive facilities. And stay away from the main path to the restrooms, as the noise of feet crunching at the gravel road and the restroom stall door slamming will be constant in a busy campground at night, which will be annoying.

4. Restaurants and local shops - How far the nearest stores, restaurants and gas stations to your campsites? This information is also important and vital in your camp night. When you and your Harley girl are on the way to the campsite, you can stop and pick up some food and milk in the stores. Although there are convenience stores in the campgrounds, the inventory may not be fresh and the price may be much higher than other supermarkets.

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