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5 Tips to Inspire Harley Girl to Ride with You

Do you want to travel the world with your Harley girl on your Harley Davidson motorcycle? The first thing you need to do is to get her hope on the motorcycle if she hasn't ridden before. Be confident with that, because she has an experienced teacher like you to show her how to ride. Although it is scary and daunting for her to learn to ride a Harley motorcycle, she will have an easier time to ride the motorcycle well with your help and support. However, if you are dating a biker woman who already have ridden for years, the only thing to do is to ask her if she is willing to have a traveling date with you on your motorcycles. Here are tips that will inspire Harley Davidson girls to ride out to think about.

1. Provide more information to reassure her
Maybe she agrees with you, but offering her more information can make her feel at ease. For example, you can find some statistics about riding out for traveling, make a list of bikes that she can ride and why, find some blogs of other female riders who have done motorcycle traveling for several times. Try your best to make her recognize that she is not alone and she can do motorcycle touring with you.

2. Get her take part in the planning
It always be you to plan your own motorcycle journey. But this time, you need to get your biker girl involved in the planning. Mark the places you will go and the places for food and drinks along the way. Ask for the activities and entertainment that she loves to do. Listen to her opinions carefully. This motorcycle trip is about your date with a biker girl, not just about yourself.

3. Put her safety and comfort before other things
Make sure your biker lady is comfortable with her gear and the motorcycle itself. A long distance motorcycle trip requires the bike to fit the riders and the gear to protect good protection. Try to encourage her to ride to some off-road trails that are out of her comfortable zone. And help her deal with the obstacles she may encounter.

4. Prepare a comfy camping for her
Biker girls are also ordinary women who desire for a comfy place to stay. If you plan to have night campings, remember that a comfy tent will make her feel happy and relaxed after a long ride on the road. So high quality tent and cozy sleeping bags are necessary. She will be thankful if you make the place she will sleep plush, warm and clean.

5. Always be patient and positive
Sometimes, things will get annoying on the road. Try not to lose your temper and get stressful. If you feel that you cannot go on with this motorcycle touring, how about your biker girl. So, just stay positive and think about the wonderful future you will make after this difficult and fun trip on your motorcycle.


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