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I have met a very nice man on the Harley dating site

I have met my special Harley guy on the Harley website through a dating wink he sent to me. I was hesitant if I should reply to him when I see his profile and photo first. I think it's an important thing to say that I was ever married to a passive aggressive guy who drank excessively. He made my life miserable for a year just for fun. So I just pause for a visual on the man for some days. Anyway, I reply to his "love wink" and let him know that I didn't expect to waste time between we both. I wrote it politely but I thought it should be easy to make him understand it. I suggested we both just be friends at the beginning. We chatted quite a bit through emails after a few chat through the Harley dating site. He was good to be just a friend, but he insisted to meet me at least once in person. Well, let me share my dating story with you! I enjoyed the most happy weekend of my whole life with this Harley man in my town! He rode his Harley motorcycle and treated me like his Queen when he rode on the open road and street road, and when his Harley bike rounded any curve. He surpassed all of my expectation.

Anyway, I met my John who has the most amazing personality and good looks that I like. He has a Harley bike and love riding every weekend. This is very good to be true. He is also a romance biker man so that I was really happy.

What a surprise that there a real man out there emailed me and told me that he love me. I've known John barely two weeks. What a find! He thinks I'm a real catch. Thank you HarleyDatingSite.net. Who knows? If I ever decide to marry again, mind you it's highly unlikely, I'm going to be thanking you from the bottom of my broken heart. And you may publish my story please. Hell I'd pay you an additional month's fees just to say thanks!


dale2142 and hwymedic , North Bellmore, United States

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