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Find The Perfect Camping Spot During Motorcycle Trip

For some single bikers, they prefer not to plan their motorcycle trips and camping in details. So, they usually choose a place to camp randomly. But expert motorcycle riders know the tricks to find a great camping spot with years of experiences. These spots are usually scenic, quiet and safe, which ensures them to have excellent motorcycle camping nights. Sometimes they will choose state or national forests, as well as national parks, other times may be just camping in the wild. No matter good or bad the result is, they can have a unique and unexpected adventure.

1. State Parks
State parks are the top places for motorcycle camping, especially those less famous and less crowded parks. There single motorcycle riders may find hot showers, mowed grassy areas and a picnic table. Most of the state parks are located near lakes, rivers and scenic views, which will make the camping night with your biker girl more romantic if you have one. Try to avoid national holidays, such as 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day.

2. National Forests
These are usually great motorcycle camping spots. But unlike states parks, the amenities the national forests can provide are not so well. There are still some best campgrounds in remote areas with a campfire ring and enough wood that can allow Harley riders to have a relaxing camping night. Just remember to bring enough water to drink or a simple meal.

3. National Parks
Although most motorcycle riders will not choose to camp at national parks because they are generally crowded with tourists, they are still great campgrounds during off-season. And bikers can find that there are back-country camping opportunities offered by some National Parks which will perfectly meet their needs.

4. Private Property
If you are an outgoing motorcycle riders, you can feel free to ask the owner of the land or the house to offer you the opportunities to camp at their places. Usually, you won’t get refused. And on the contrary, most of the owners will be delighted that you are willing to camp at their properties. Place near creeks and rivers, behind old barns, or in remote fields near ponds and lakes are great places to camp. If you find a place you like, just strike up a conversation and allow the owner to get to know you. An indirect approach usually works best. If the owners are friendly and hospitable, they may invite you to dinner, or have a hot shower.

5. Camping In The Wild
It is easy to find a great camp site in remote areas. A flat ground away from the road, behind some rock cliffs, close to a creek bed or behind a stand of trees can be perfect.

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