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What if you could hope on your bike and enjoy the open road with cast from FX’s hit show Sons of Anarchy, and then party with your friends at a Blackberry Smoke concert? That’s exactly what you can do on August 25, 2013 at the 3rd Annual Boot Ride and Rally benefiting our military heroes through the national nonprofit, The Boot Campaign.


Harley Ladies and Gentlemen, Are You Ready to Celebrate 4th Women Rider Month?   (Author: Monicabikerv-v)   

There is a rising tendency that the demographics of women motorcycle riders would like to hit the open road. In fact, 25% riders you see on the road are female and 76% of them are Harley rider, since Harley-Davidson motorcycle is the first choice of women riding lover. To let more people know that the number of women riders are increasing day and day, and enourgage more women to sit on their own Harley motorcycle, HD company celebrates Women Harley Rider Month very year. And each year, during the whole month of May, H-D and its world wide network of distributors will start a series of celebration for women to felicitate the independence, freedom and enjoyment of riding on their own bike. Harley girls and boys, are you ready to ride together for the annual holiday?


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